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Average Rating:   8   Proxy Server v3.4 by tontito
A web (http/https) compliant proxy server.

Submitted Review Author's Updates
Proxy Server allows you to run a proxy server on port 8080 of your computer. This lets others use your IP address to bounce off in order to gain access to other computers.

It works quite well, in fact, except for that it doesn't support ICQ Proxy Bouncing. While it doesn't have very many options, you can easily configure it from the mIRC Menubar.

In all, I could not find any errors in the script, but it does serve its purpose, if that's what you're looking for of course.

Reviewed by slushey
May 7th, 2011:

.Check readme file

May 15th, 2010:

.Added filter extension option.

.New file organization (all logs go to logs dir with .log extension and configurations go to configs)

.Improved error handling

.Fixed issues with long hostnames on https

.Have a look at version file!

Dec 29th, 2009:

.Added routing options (finally :P).

.New version checker engine

.Improved some old code (i think i will rewrite everything one day...)

...and a Happy new Year!!!

Sept 17th, 2009:

.Fixed start listening mode after dialog is 1ยบ set without saving configurations.

.Minimal performance improvements

July 09th, 2009:
Added support for 6.35

Cleaned some messy code

Fixed file handling errors

Support for stupidly big url (4k)

older versions ..

July 18th, 2003:
Fixed all known problems. Icq now works with http proxy!!



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tontitoJan 3, 2011 4:34PM

I am currently working in a new version with an improved engine and with more security.

If you would like you can send some suggestions.
I have also found some sites not working with the proxy. If you know some, plz mail me as well.


Text edited by author on Jan 3, 2011 @ 4:35PM

tontitoJan 8, 2011 5:45AM

I have found that mirc 7.17 somehow doesn't work with the proxy server.

I am tracing the problem

tzi0Aug 17, 2010 3:18AM
Rating:     8Hi. On Security tab you have a GroupBox named "Bock file extensions", not Block? =)
p.s. thnx man for this script!

tontitoAug 18, 2010 12:44PM
Thanks for the typo report. :)

I am glad you like it.


tontitoSep 17, 2009 6:34PM
I did a mistake with the file version.
Please change it in the main file header (proxy.mrc) from 2.0.3 to 2.03 since the version checker will not be able to figure out if versions is greater or not (mirc says 2.0.3 is not a number and it is right).


tontitoMay 2, 2007 6:10AM
Forgot to say that this version is out thanks to Satonio and Morten due to they bug reports.
If any of you find something not working, feel free to do the same :)


tontitoDec 3, 2005 7:50PM
Hello guys,

On this version i made a turn arround on an issued i foud when using some browsers.
I noticed that the password information sometimes doesnt send the = at the end so the proxy is now fixing that situation when found.

I hope this address all the problems you have found, at least me and some betatesters were not able to find any problems with it :)


[]DLAST|CFeb 19, 2005 2:38AM
No matter what I do, my mircscripted headers always get a 407. I've using the same headers my browser sends (that work) and even tried them in PuTTY. I thought all you had to do for Proxy-Authorization: Basic was send the user:pass base64 encrypted, and I'm doing that.

I added some stuff to echo the vars and md5 in the auth part, substitute <CRLF> for return/linefeed. I have no idea what the first match is, I don't have '374' in my mrc file even.

dataline: i=0 tmp=374 data= user=
else d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e - 894dea5537f70b5431d643ef4bea2804
dataline: i=1 tmp=Proxy-Authorization: Basic YXNkZjphc2Rm<CRLF>Proxy-Connection: close<CRLF><CRLF> data=YXNkZjphc2Rm user=asdf
first 894dea5537f70b5431d643ef4bea2804 - 894dea5537f70b5431d643ef4bea2804

And here's my header stuff:

sockwrite -n $sockname GET HTTP/1.0
sockwrite -n $sockname User-Agent: Opera/8.00 (Windows 98; U; en)
sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
sockwrite -n $sockname Accept: text/html, application/xml;q=0.9, application/xhtml+xml, image/png, image/jpeg, image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, */*;q=0.1
sockwrite -n $sockname Accept-Language: en
sockwrite -n $sockname Accept-Charset: windows-1252, utf-8, utf-16, iso-8859-1;q=0.6, *;q=0.1
sockwrite -n $sockname Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip, x-gzip, identity, *;q=0
sockwrite -n $sockname Proxy-Authorization: Basic YXNkZjphc2Rm
sockwrite -n $sockname Proxy-Connection: close
sockwrite -n $sockname

I hope you can explain to me what is happening.

Edit: Putting Proxy-Authorization: below the GET header seems to fix
Edit 2: Er, I really have no idea why it started working.

Text edited by author on Feb 19, 2005 @ 4:14AM

tontitoFeb 19, 2005 11:41AM
Hello []DLAST|C

Looks like you activated the proxy password system, that is why your browser sends the Proxy-Authorization: Basic YXNkZjphc2Rm
If you want to script something to pass the proxy you also have to add a field like that, and as you correctly said it must be base64 encoded. The result of your login and pass encoded is YXNkZjphc2Rm. encoded_login_and_pass = $encode(user:pass,m) format.

If you run this command you will see it echos your login and pass.
//echo test $decode(YXNkZjphc2Rm,m)

The md5 encryptation is only used to store your login and pass in the hd, case someone tryes to get it localy.

After you turn on the proxy password only clients with the correct Proxy-Authorization: Basic encoded_login_and_pass may get access to outside or inside world (depending on the ip and mask you setup).

I don't know if you still have any questions. If you do just ask.

p.s it is time for you to change your password or someone may try his luck ;)

for more information about how this headers work check
where you can see
All the proxy server is based in this

Text edited by author on Feb 19, 2005 @ 11:46AM

[]DLAST|CFeb 19, 2005 1:34PM
I understand how it works, it wasn't working is what I was saying. The
dataline: i=0 tmp=374 data= user=
else d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e - 894dea5537f70b5431d643ef4bea2804

dataline: i=1 tmp=Proxy-Authorization: Basic YXNkZjphc2Rm<CRLF>Proxy-Connection: close<CRLF><CRLF> data=YXNkZjphc2Rm user=asdf
first 894dea5537f70b5431d643ef4bea2804 - 894dea5537f70b5431d643ef4bea2804
stuff was some echo lines that I added to the proxy addon, and it is from the SAME header. Your alias -l test_access found two matches in that header but there is only one, first the server said the string my script sent was "374", but it didn't (that caused the auth to fail). But then the server sees the true Proxy-Authorization header and the md5 match, but I already recieved a 407 error.

tontitoFeb 20, 2005 11:25AM
Hello again,
I have made some tests and there is no way (that i have found) that the same request is checked twice in the test_access alias.
I recomend you to echo your socket name like:

echo test $md5(%data) == $readf(proxy_pass) socket -> $sockname

Any more info you are welcome to post :)

[]DLAST|CFeb 20, 2005 10:06PM
I just figured out that there was some whitespace at the end of my headers, which caused test_access to return multiple matches. I deleted the extra spaces and the proxy worked normally.

tontitoFeb 21, 2005 6:18AM
Ok, i am glad that you solved the problem.
One of the http standards is that all standard http headers must be together, after the clrf crlf you can only have data or form data.

keep up the good work.

tontitoFeb 4, 2005 3:30PM
Yo guys, for the ones using this add don't forget to update it because of the security problem the old one had.
It is not a big problem, but can be borring...

tontitoFeb 12, 2005 8:43AM
yo guys, how are you doing with this version?
any problems please report to m8 email

AnarionJan 1, 2005 12:57PM
if you understand portuguese goto and see...
everybody thinks than he was rip this..
but ok... maybe i'm wrong... -.-

tontitoJan 2, 2005 2:49PM
hello, what is the script that is that equal to mine?
can you msg me the link? ??

Text edited by author on Jan 2, 2005 @ 2:51PM

AnarionJan 2, 2005 7:28PM
you was changed your nick:

tontitoJan 2, 2005 8:48PM
nops that isn't me,

Thanks for the warning m8 and that script is really mine, i will have a great pleasure to say some thing to that guy!!

Btw i am Portuguese ;)

tontitoDec 31, 2004 9:14PM
I guess this version is stable enouf for you guys, anything strange fell free to report.
I also added a screen shot so you can have a look at the config interface


Text edited by author on Dec 31, 2004 @ 9:16PM

tontitoSep 29, 2004 8:33AM
uhmm looks like it is time for a new update... ;)

tontitoOct 11, 2004 5:20PM
well it is out now, now find me some bugs :)
if you find some aplications that, after the proxy configed, still don't work, also report to me.

p.s backup your old version ;)

Text edited by author on Oct 11, 2004 @ 5:23PM

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