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Average Rating:   9.5   SkoBrowser vBeta12 by SkorpSSS
mIRC multi games server browser.
Compatible with mIRC v7.1

Powerful filters and intuitive GUI + monitoring features for IRC idlers who play online games
Every protocols coded in mIRC.
Fully working beta. Thk for bugs report

Submitted Review Author's Updates
This is amazing it is a Game Browser (Server Browser) for multiple games and as mentioned all the protocols to retrieve server data, player data and more is all done via mIRC. This is a great example as it fetches info for multiple games (40 to be precize). Sure it is quite buggy still and sometimes lags but i hope that the author will keep improving this.

Very well done!

Reviewed by likeahawk
You can find change-list, script info and full games supported list in my site :

Thank you for your feedback, bug report and suggestions !
This is the point of this "beta status"... getting rid of the bugs and add interesting features...


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kalaJan 29, 2011 12:36PM
I installed it, and now my nnscript setup is corrupt, mirc looks like a normal irc client. nnscript repair tool dont work also.

SkorpSSSNov 9, 2010 5:07AM
I posted partial changelist in author's update and the full change list in the web home page.

I am sure likeahawk could change his "it is quite buggy" by "very few minor bugs remains" because I think I have cleared most of them.

About the "lag", unfortunately, as all the script is directly in MSL so it won't be very quick even though I tried to optimise the speed by reducing most of time-consumming functions (removing file reading, reducing if/then conditions to the min, etc...)
I will add in future betas an option to remove "player list display" which should speed up the big list of crowded servers (like for example popular game : BF2, COD4, CS, CSS, ...) but the way SkoBrowser is saving every list of every game all the time, and that you get favorite tab, the slow speed shouldn't be such an issue.

Thank you to talk about this script to your online playing mates. The most users, the most feedback and motivation to keep working on it !

kalaOct 29, 2010 10:48AM
As I sayd, If you add rcon support to it, it will be the best server browser for mirc (Y)

SkorpSSSNov 3, 2010 6:35AM
Lo Kala,

SkoBrowser is still under developpement. I will release soon a Beta5 with a lot of bug fixes, monitor feature enhanced (players added, not stopped by other action, etc...), new icons for better-looking interface and more...
After this beta, I will look for rcon support. The core coding (sockets) shouldn't be very hard to do for me, but my question is more about how to implement it in the actual user interface and mIRC env the nicest way possible. I have many ideas, like possibility to set commands directly in a mIRC window for example... but I require the habbits and wishes of RCON users.

What I really need aswell is feedback and bug reports for actual betas... I fixed incredibly dumb bugs (big effect but very easy fix) where I haven't any feedback on them... After that, my tool is commented as "bugged" while I am hungry to know and fix them !

So if you are a user kala, and you know others ones, your feedback will really be appreciated !

kalaAug 27, 2010 8:15AM
If you add rcon serction to counter-strike that wold be realy awsome (Y)

codemastr_Aug 5, 2010 11:25PM
Rating:     9very good - keep on improving it. :)

SkorpSSSAug 5, 2010 8:44AM
Rating:     10Thank you for your review likeahawk.

First I did a mistake. This script is called "SkoBrowser" and not SkorpSSS... if it is possible for you to fix.

Like I mentionned on my site : it is only a beta and I am badly looking for help and bug report !
I only set 40 games but it can support a lot more !!!... Nearly every games are using one of the 7 protocols coded in my script. I just added in the list main games (for number of online players atm)

So thk you for everyone help.

Text edited by author on Aug 5, 2010 @ 8:45AM

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