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HTTPd + mIRC Serverside Scripting v1.1 by Spoofing
mIRC based HTTPd with support mIRC Serverside Scripting (like mHTML)

Submitted Review Author's Updates
I have always been a big fan of MWS a dll by rkzad which offered mIRC Server side scripting... however i could never understand why he wrapped it into a DLL.

I am glad that someone like Spoofing has taken the initiative to revive mIRC Server Side scripting because it helps to easily created web pages for statistical purposes and remote mirc control etc...

Nicely done i hope that this project will not be abandoned and actually worked and improved upon.

Very well done!

Reviewed by codemastr_
* Change mSS engine, now using /signal. You can make any scripts, using events etc and just use /signal for sent result to client
* Added mime types


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ProIconsJan 3, 2011 4:42AM
well when i am GET the /index.mrc, it forces me to download it.

codemastr_Oct 25, 2010 2:29AM
This could be a large project perhaps start a repo at and lets collaborate :]

tontitoOct 27, 2010 5:20AM
"however i could never understand why he wrapped it into a DLL"

Actually it had 3 or 4 updates after that.
I started rewriting it for mirc, oracel upgraded it using faster files structures and then we both worked together to create what we called mhtml v2.

It is good to know it has a new breath now :)


SpoofingOct 25, 2010 9:56AM
In next version I remake mSS support. Will use /signal, not aliases.

client request /index.mrc >
web-server sent /signal $sockname >
in /index.mrc on *:SIGNAL:httpd/*: handles the request and returns 'callback' to web-server >
web-server returns result to client

this will allow the server to wait for a response from the script and do anything, - using events in web-server scripts, not only aliases =)
server will simply wait for callback from scripts.

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