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Welcome to! In this site you will find helpful information on mIRC scripting, mIRC scripts, free tutorials, code snippets, addons, and more. If you want to learn how to build your own script, this is the place for you. Updated very frequently, so keep checking back to find what you're looking for.
Latest Content:
Apr 4th: 
Addon  update: Pacman online for mIRC v13 by Wims-
Mar 6th: 
Addon  update: TVRage Addon v1.3 by Gecko321
Feb 12th: 
Snippet  update: Nick Info v1.6 by jizzy
Jan 30th: 
DLL  update: Spotify DLL v2.0 by Soul_Eater
Jan 17th: 
Theme   di_null by p0rt
Dec 25th: 
DLL   sha2.dll v1.0 by Saturn
Nov 17th: 
Snippet  update: /4ch by Jigsy
Nov 12th: 
Addon  update: SkoBrowser vBeta12 by SkorpSSS
Nov 2nd: 
Addon  update: ip2country v1.06 by Free
May 22nd: 
Addon  update: Auto Ghost v1.0 by s1ck7e
May 7th: 
Addon  update: Proxy Server v3.4 by tontito
Apr 25th: 
Snippet  update: Very Simple Theme v2.0 by MicEiken
Apr 11th: 
Addon  update: c4 Ventrilo Whois / Status Script v1 by fean0r
Mar 30th: 
Snippet  update: auth update2 v2.0 by vliedel
Mar 16th: 
Addon  update: mPasteBin v2.1.3 by FroggieDaFrog
Mar 15th: 
Snippet   $Extract v1.0 by FroggieDaFrog
Mar 1st: 
Snippet  update: Tab completer v1.7 by jizzy
Feb 28th: 
Addon  update: MSN Messenger for mIRC v4.20 by carvell
Feb 26th: 
Snippet   File Indexer/Lister v0.2 by MaSOuD
Feb 24th: 
Snippet   /vcheck - mIRC version checker v1.0 by hixxy
Snippet   Hotlink bans v1.0 by hixxy
Snippet   /findu v2.0 by hixxy
Snippet   /download v2.0 by hixxy
Snippet   mirc2html v0.9 by sdamon
Snippet   Virtual Command Prompt v1.0 by neokryp
Snippet   $nslookup() by Sephiroth
Snippet   Wildcard to Regex Pattern v2.0 by FroggieDaFrog
Snippet   $CreateObject() v1.0 by Corona
Jan 30th: 
Script  update: Pbot Channel/Server Protection bot v3.92 by Solo
Jan 7th: 
Snippet  update: $solve v2.5 by MoNoXiDe
Dec 29th: 
Addon  update: ZNC buffer playback vr16 by Ryck
Dec 19th: 
Addon  update: Web Server v6.6 by tontito
Dec 15th: 
Theme  update: BloodSkin MTS theme v1.0 by novus-natio
Nov 29th: 
Addon  update: iLog2 Log Viewer v2007-AUG-0 by thei
Nov 4th: 
Snippet  update: Spotify hotlink v1.02 by aquilla
Nov 1st: 
Addon  update: HTTPd + mIRC Serverside Scripting v1.1 by Spoofing
Oct 23rd: 
Addon   Screenshot v1.1 by Flobse
Oct 22nd: 
Snippet   Google URL Shortener v1 by X-System
Snippet   mIRC Netstat v1 by hellrazor666
Snippet   Google Toolkit v1 by Timi
Oct 15th: 
Addon  update: IMDb Movie Search v2.05 by MEiJ
Sep 9th: 
Script   DScript v1.0 by Dragon
Snippet  update: /spoiler v1.01 by myndzi
Sep 6th: 
Snippet  update: $json by Timi
Aug 28th: 
Theme  update: schizoid v1.0 by hydro
DLL  update: mIRCGlass.dll BETA vBETA 2 by Chrystoffer
Aug 22nd: 
Snippet  update: $npFindFile v1.2 by FroggieDaFrog
Aug 17th: 
Addon   Pic Puzzle Game by Flobse
Aug 5th: 
Addon   Sokoban by Flobse
Aug 4th: 
Misc file   Amazon Info Retriever v1.2 by Soul_Eater
Latest News:
May 2nd, 4:33pm - thame^
A new challenge has been posted! This time you're asked to create the smallest $reduce. Details can be found on the challenge page.
July 26th, 8:25am - fubar
Another challenge has been added! Check out the challenge page for more info
July 18th, 2:27pm - fubar
New challenge is up! This time around you're ask to make the smallest coded $rps (rock, paper, scissors). Head over to the challenge page for details.
January 15th, 9:19am - fubar
The site has been moved to a new server.The server is set up a little different, so you may see some errors here or there. Please pmsg me if you come accross any problems. Thanks.
May 26th, 7:59pm - fubar
mIRC v6.32 has been released.. Acheter viagra generique en France pharmacie.
November 2nd, 6:04am - fubar
mIRC 6.31 has been released. Nothing major, just a few bug fixes. Download the new mIRC here.
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